President’s Weekly Address

“Well, look, the leftist media’s in panic mode right now. Donald Trump, President Donald Trump, is doing an outstanding job of outreach. He has this magnetism about him and people are drawn to him, so he’s reaching out to some traditional demographics that Republicans don’t really pay a lot of time with, spend a lot of time with,” Clarke told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

According to Clarke, the reaction to Conway is fake news, a distraction from Trump’s outreach efforts.

“The liberal mainstream media wants this to be the news, but most people now are beginning to realize this is kind of an example of fake news. She’s sitting, kneeling on a couch, it’s fake news, who cares about that. What’s important here was Donald Trump’s, President Trump’s, outreach to historically black colleges and also other aspects of the black community.”

“We saw it during the election, he got more black votes than any Republican candidate over the last, I don’t know, two or three elections.”

But when Varney interjected, “Only 8%,” Clarke responded, “It’s a start, you have to build on it, this isn’t going to flip overnight, okay, it’s a process.”

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