Why Did No One Tell South African Drivers With No Accidents In 1 Year About This New Rule?

South African Drivers beware – recent studies indicate that drivers are unfairly paying too much for auto insurance, if you pay more the same rate month after month, you better read this…

Are you aware that you could be eligible to pay a much a lower monthly car insurance premium just for not having an accident in the past year?

In addition, if you are currently insured and live in a qualified province, you can get auto insurance with rates that decrease monthly?

You probably didn’t know any of this, as car insurance companies want to keep you in the dark.When Miranda, from SA entered her contact information, she was shocked.
She found out her local insurance agent was ripping her off, and she could get car insurance with rates that declined on a monthly basis. What Miranda did was visit an independent car insurance site, NewDailyFinance.com and entered in some basic information. Within seconds, she was given rates from King Prince Insurance which offered a quote based on the criteria she put in. And that’s when she found out she was overpaying.


Does this mean Miranda was being scammed by her former insurance agent? She would not say one way or the other, but the truth is most agents are paid on commission which means the higher your insurance premiums, the more money your agent makes. You can be sure, however, that your insurance company is not going to call you up to offer you a monthly discount.

What exactly do you need to do? The experts recommend one simple tip to follow.

You have to be proactive, and request the quote you deserve. Don’t even consider buying car insurance without doing this first. Speak with a caring insurance company that does not give you bogus, no claim “bonuses.” Instead, get a quote from a company that gives you CHEAP premiums right off the bat.

So, what is the “New Rule?” NEVER buy insurance without requesting what your rates will look like month after month, year after year. Out of the 100′s of insurers out there, only a handful will give you cheap premiums with monthly discounted rewards. They ARE out there, and they WANT to insure you-you just can’t find each other.

It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s FREE. Heck, it’s even fun (well, as fun as insurance can be!)

NOTE: You’re NEVER LOCKED into your current policy. If you’ve already paid your current policy, you can very easily cancel and the balance will be refunded. Instantly see online >>

Are You Ready To Save Money With Your Car Insurance?

Here’s how:

STEP 1: Just tap your province below.

STEP 2: Enter your contact information.

STEP 3: Receive an updated quote from King Price Insurance, a top-rated insurance company.

STEP 3: Confirm your new lower quote and you’re done! It’s so easy and quick to put money back into your pocket!